The London Clinic - Melody D. London, Ph.D. PSY 16200

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The London Clinic is a confidential and private place where you can safely explore yourself and your concerns. Dr. London provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere in which you can heal from pain, learn new skills, improve relationships, conquer addictions, or better understand depression, anxiety or trauma.

The journey Dr. London guides you on will be personally crafted to meet your specific needs. Your goals, needs and perspectives will be an integral part of your treatment plan. Therapy with Dr. London is a collaborative process in which Dr. London will ensure that both client and therapist are active participants with Dr. London providing both active listening and teaching new skills. The essential element of humor is added when appropriate to lighten the struggle in the darkest of times. Come join Dr. London for your personal journey in healing.

Melody D. London, Ph.D.